Light vs. Dark: Why Does Furniture Colour Matter

Going for light or dark furniture has been an age-old interior design question.  Whether it be living room furniture or kitchen cabinets, going light or going dark is a decision one has to make. The type of design that you will ultimately choose – be it traditional or contemporary – will affect the space and atmosphere of your home. This alone tells you that the choice between light and dark furniture really matters in the grand scheme of things. But there are other factors to consider.

There are several advantages if you opt to use light furniture.

  • Light furniture is versatile.It goes well with practically any colour of wall or floor.  It also accentuates varying types of atmosphere. Modern furniture online uses a light palette so if you want to go modern minimalist, going light will definitely work for you. This, however, does not mean that light furniture is exclusively modern. It can also be used in contemporary, traditional, rustic, or country spaces
  • It brightens up your space.It gives an atmosphere of leisure and fun. It also evokes airy calmness and soothing cleanliness.
  • Light furniture also widens your room,that’s why it’s the go-to choice for living room furniture.
  • This type of furniture never goes of style.It’s quite a safe choice trend-wise so you don’t have to keep on updating your furniture to keep up with the current style
  • It’s easier to clean.Stain, dirt, and food particles can be easily seen when you use this type of furniture so it’s a lot easier to maintain.

Going dark

Dark furniture certainly has its advantages as well.

  • Dark furniture gives a rich ambiance to any home.Contemporary furniture usually comes in a dark shade which evokes an air of formality and elegance.
  • It adds warmth and depth to any room.If you want to go for a rustic feel, getting dark living room furniture would be a wise choice.
  • It keeps your space tight and cosy.This is the primary reason why interior designers opt for a darker palette in closed areas like a library, study, or bedroom. There are several choices of modern furniture online that have various shades of dark that will definitely appeal to you.
  • Dark furniture is a great match to paintings and chandeliers.If you want go full-on artsy, this shade will work well for you.
  • Dark furniture cancels out the airiness of its light counterpart. The comfort and solidity that a dark room offers after a busy day out is unrivalled

Mixing light and dark furniture

An eclectic mix of the two will help you achieve both the space and atmosphere that is most ideal for you. Here are some tips that you can use as a guide as you try to strike the perfect contrast before you start picking out living room furniture and other appealing pieces for your home.

  • If you want to get dark wooden contemporary furniture, balance it with light-coloured knick-knacks such as a lamp, a rug, a frame, a pillow, curtains or blinds.
  • Light grey is always a great choice to contrast dark wood. This mix is perfect for a room with a rustic feel to it.
  • To achieve a warm atmosphere, use light furniture with a dark background. Go the other way to achieve a cooler ambiance.
  • Wood and white is a match made in heaven. You can never go wrong when you mix these two.

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