What is a Loveseat?

Dating back to the early 1800s, a loveseat is essentially a cushioned sofa built for two.  Because of its exquisite design, it adds a singular element of elegance and charm to any home and continues to be a popular choice at Sydney furniture stores and furniture stores online. If you want to get a loveseat of your own, there are some things that you have to give attention to.

Choosing the best loveseat for your home

Since loveseat furniture come in different styles and sizes, it’s wise to go over some of these designs for you to make the perfect choice.


This contemporary furniture design is known for its low arms. For traditional homes, you can go for bright hues. Tone it down with neutral colours if you want to go for a modern feel.


This style is definitely a mega blast from the past. Originally crafted in the early 1700s, it’s known for its roundabout back with high arms. Its finishing touch? A healthy dose of ruffled skirting.


Truly masculine, this goes best in a library, study, or office. Sydney furniture stores stay true to the spirit of its craftsmanship by upholstering it with rich leather.


A contemporary American furniture design, it’s usually crafted from oak. It prioritises ergonomic design without compromising aesthetic value.


This particular style is known for tight seats, rolled arms, and bare legs.


The dominance of the square shape is evident in this one. It has a square back, square arms, and square legs.


For the modern minimalist, this is the most fitting piece. It is known for its simple, clean lines with legs made of metal or wood.


Its arms are reminiscent of disco flared pants and its vibrant colours featured in many furniture stores online truly embody the flamboyant retro vibe.


Yet another contemporary furniture design, it exudes nobility and elegance and will surely give your home that classic touch.

Zeroing in on craftsmanship

Aside from your loveseat’s design, there are certain details that you have to take note of. Especially if you’re about to scour furniture stores online for amazing deals.  Here are some of the things to look into before deciding to buy your own loveseat.


What type of cushions would you like? Como has got you covered since it only uses the best quality of foam without sacrificing style. While comfort and durability must be your top priorities, it shouldn’t have to be at the expense of aesthetic value and Como totally gets that.


What fabric goes well with your lifestyle?  If you’re always on the move, go for leather.  It’s way easier to maintain than a loveseat with silk or velvet fabric.


The rule of thumb is the heavier the frame is, the better it is.  Heavier loveseat frames are made of quality hardwood such as maple or oak instead of pine or synthetic materials like plastic and metal.  By spending more on a quality frame, you will have a loveseat capable of surviving years of wear and tear.


Give the loveseat a firm push to feel how strong and close together the support is.


Since you can customise your loveseat, never settle for less.   Here at Como, fabric is sewn together in exquisite perfection ensuring the delivery of world-class furniture right to the customer’s doorstep.

Getting your own loveseat may be quite a challenge but it’s truly worth the effort.  Go ahead and check Como Furniture for an amazing array of loveseat furniture that offer comfort, durability, and awe-inspiring design.