Which Bed Size Should I Get ?

Are you moving in with your significant other? Has your child outgrown the nursery? Are you downsizing to a studio? These are just some of the situations that call for a new bed. There are four things you need to consider when shopping for beds at a furniture store.

  • Who will be using the bed?
  • How big is the space?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Whatwill suit your long-term needs?

The occupant – Who is going to sleep in the bed? Are you buying a bed for yourself, a child, or adult guests? What is the average height? For a comfortable sleep, it is recommended that you get a mattress that is at least 76mm longer than the height of the person who will be sleeping on it.

The space – What bed size will fit in the available space? You should be able to move around the bed comfortably without bumping into doors, drawers, or other furniture. Before you go to a furniture shop, measure the dimensions of the room. Mark the floor with tape so you have a clear visual of how the bed will fit.

The budget – Beds are a major purchase so you need to set a budget. Prices can vary depending on the bed size, frame material, mattress thickness and quality, and other features. Determine how much you are willing to spend for the entire setup and stick to your limit.

The future – Beds are a long-term investment so you should consider the future needs of the person who will use the bed. If you plan to get married in a few years, a single bed may not be a practical option. When buying a bed for children, look for a size that they won’t quickly outgrow.

Bed sizes offered at Sydney furniture shops

There are five bed sizes available at Sydney furniture shops:

  • Single (92cm x 188cm)
  • King Single (106cm x 203cm)
  • Double (137cm x 188cm)
  • Queen (153cm x 203cm)
  • King (183cm x 203cm)


Some furniture stores in Australia offer two versions: Single and Single XL.

The Single mattress measures 1900mm by 915mm while the Single XL mattress is 2030mm by 915mm.

Single beds take up little space so you can fit two in one room. These are great for young children, college students in a dorm, and for sleeping two separate adults in a guest room. You can push the beds together when couples visit. If you are buying a single bed for an adult, choose the Single XL size for more leg room.

King Single

The King Single mattress measures 2030mm by 1065mm.

If you need a bed that is wider than a Single but smaller than a Double, then this is a good option. King Single beds are suitable for teenagers and adults.


Also called a ‘full size’, the Double mattress measures 1900mm by 1385mm.

Double beds are designed to sleep two people who have limited floor space or cannot afford a Queen or King. They are quite popular among single adults who prefer the luxury of space and move around in their sleep.


The Queen mattress measures 2030mm by 1525mm. Queen beds are the most popular size as they provide the perfect combination of comfort, space and cost. Queen beds offer enough room for a couple to enjoy cuddling while also spreading out when they want some personal space. If you are single, a queen bed lets you sleep in luxury with extra space for pillows and other frills.


The king of beds, the King mattress measures a whopping 2030mm by 1835mm.

The massive space of a King bed allows couples to fully stretch and toss and turn without disturbing each other. If you have the space and the budget, go for a bed that lets you sleep like a king!

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