Online Warranty Claim

Online Warranty Claim

Please refer to our Warranty information and product information before lodging a Service form. Before booking a service call please read through the below.

Please read the following terms and conditions, it is essential you understand that if the product is not faulty or your problem is caused miss use, neglect or another issue not directly related to a defect in the manufacturing process, you may be charged a call out fee ($150) by the service agent.

What does my warranty exclude?

  • Products used in commercial, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential use.
  • The normal and expected settling of soft filling such as polyester fibre and leather.
  • Leather grain variation, colour variation, wrinkling, markings, and scars resulting from the natural features of the hide.
  • Damage or degradation of leather or fabric coverings not properly maintained; that is the regular removal of dust and dirt by appropriate means and the application of COMO Leather cleaning and leather conditioning products as instructed at time of sale.
  • Damage to leather or fabric coverings due to the application of chemicals, cleaners or conditioners not provided by COMO;
  • Discolouration of leather or fabric coverings resulting from exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat or similar conditions.
  • Damage to leather or fabric coverings caused by the transference of perspiration, body oils or the corrosive ingredients contained in personal care products such as hair gels and skin creams.
  • Surface scratches, dents, chips, marks, accidental breakages, normal wear and tear or damage resulting from misuse or abuse.
  • Damage incurred during handling and transportation of the product by the customer or their contractor.
  • Damages resulting from dye transfer from rugs, cushions, jeans and other clothing.
  • The cost of transportation from the purchaser to COMO or its agents, if claim is not covered by the standard warranty conditions.
  • Natural settlement of foam due to normal wear and tear.

Service calls that are booked by you for issues that are not covered by in-home warranty will incur a call out charge by the service agent. The warranty terms and conditions explain what is covered by in-home and what is not.