Self Help Diagnosis

Self Help Diagnosis

When you take delivery of your lounge please make sure you thoroughly look over your lounge any defects or mechanism problems need to be lodged within 24hours of delivery.


We use genuine top grain cowhides on all our suites. As a result, you may see scratches, insect bites and scarring. These are not defects, but in fact confirm that this is a high-quality top grain hide. There will be a distinct leather smell when you first receive your lounge, which will soon disappear over time

Over time, your suite may show signs of use. Foams, webbing, fillings and the leather itself will soften and loosen over time, and the associated “comfort creases” may appear. Like an expensive jacket or pair of shoes, leather will ‘wear in’ rather than wear out. This is considered normal for a leather sofa.

Leather is a natural product, just like our skin we need to look after it. It is vital you look after your lounge using our 7 golden rules which you would have received when purchasing your lounge.

Below is how your lounge should be maintained; if you have not followed the below and have a problem with your leather drying out, cracking or sagging this is NOT covered under warranty.

A regular routine of protection and cleaning will help protect your furniture from stains and damage and add years to its life.

Some types of soiling only affect the way your furniture looks. Others can damage the leather. Dust and perspiration are both particularly damaging. Dust is abrasive: it acts like sandpaper. Over time dust can cause serious damage to the furniture’s topcoat. Perspiration and body oils contain salts, enzymes and fatty acids, all of which can stain and damage leather and its topcoat. It is important to prevent perspiration and body oils from building up.

To ensure your leather furniture has the longest life possible, we recommend that you: PROTECT your new leather furniture with Leather Protection Cream before use.

Clean Regularly, But Not Excessively

Every Week

You should dust your furniture. The best way to dust your furniture is using a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft brush head or upholstery attachment and set the vacuum cleaner to low suction. After vacuuming use a cloth dampened with a little water to wipe over the areas that come in contact with the body (headrests, armrests and seats). If your furniture is protected with Leather Protection Cream, you don’t need to use Leather Soft Cleaner every time you clean your furniture, a soft cloth and a little water will do the trick.

Every 3 – 6 Months

You should thoroughly clean your furniture with Leather Soft Cleaner to remove built up dirt and grime. How often you need to clean your furniture will depend on its colour and how quickly it becomes soiled. If you have light coloured furniture, aniline leather, or if your furniture is heavily used (particularly by pets and small children) you will need to clean your furniture more often. But, do not clean your lounge more than necessary, excess cleaning causes unnecessary wear on the topcoat and even the gentlest cleaning products can cause leather to dry out if they are overused.